State Job Workshops taught by Ken Mandler

Ken Mandler Taught by Ken Mandler
Ken Mandler has over 30 years of experience analyzing the state personnel process and the state payroll. He has focused on how to land on the state payroll and how to get to the top of state service. His workshops and books are designed to help people land employment with the State of California and maximize their potential while on the state payroll.

2010 Workshops

How to
Get a State Job

Upcoming Workshops:
Sep 10, 2015 *FULL*
Sep 15, 2015
Oct 3, 2015


How to Promote in State Service (For Current State Employees)

Upcoming Workshops:
Aug 29, 2015 *FULL*


How to
Land a CEA Position

Upcoming Workshops:
Oct 17, 2015

  how to get   how to promote   how to land

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